Where do you go for soothing at difficult times?

Is there anything better than a person who brings you safety, comfort and trust? Who is that person for you? A boss who invites questions and teaches without insult? A mother figure who protects and soothes you? A partner who is there at the end of the day with a quiet hug? We need safety and we love a friend who can soothe pain and share jokes.

But what if we can’t be close to that person right now? It feels to me as though right now many of us feel more alone than ever before. We’re isolated by quarantines, estranged by politics, turned off by religion. Where is our community? Where are these wonderful people? How can we find the good feelings we crave even while we are isolated? I believe we find them in art.

Whether its music, film or visual art, we can turn to art for good feelings. Artists feel your pain and share your questions. As an artist myself, I know that I put all of myself into my art, and that art is meant for you. I hope that there is a piece of what I offer that feels just like a piece of you. I want to offer you community and safety. My art holds space for your fears and your tears, for your joy and your celebration. It is meant for your walls and it is meant for you.

There is nothing better than a good friend, but when you can’t hold your friends close, turn to art. It can live with you, and it will always be there for you.