Soft Sunrise

In this series Clare has focused on sunrise over water. The effect of her work is close to the romantic effect of watercolour painting. Most often those who see the work in person do not believe that the images are photographs. And yet they are photographs of what was actually there with very little adjustment before printing.

In order to take these photographs, Clare seeks out the dreamlike drama of islands covered in mist while a hot sun emerges disrupting the cool dark night. Capturing these images requires persistence and timing. On promising August mornings, she sets out before light in a small tin boat in search of the rising sun. Some of these mornings are not successful: sometimes the night gently turns to day with no drama and sometimes the fog is so thick that the lake is not navigable until it is too late! On the most perfect of misty mornings, the window of opportunity is maybe ten minutes. And so here is a selection of the best photographs she was able to capture on the most perfect of misty August mornings.

The fine art prints are available on large sheets of Hahnemule Fine Art paper. Less expensive posters of these images are also available in the shop.