Milkweed seed pods are explosions of beauty. The seeds are each outfitted with a gown of white silk which carries them along on the wind. Each on e of these silken miracles remind me of angels in the sky. The seedpod is where they wait until they are released. Of all the photographs in the series “Conversations with Nature” this one shows a plant the closest to the way it was found. In the other images I spent time rebuilding the plant. With the milkweed I just tried to give back as many seeds as I could! And in my studio, with no wind to carry them away, they did hold onto each other and become this wild thing with beautiful angels bursting out all over and stacked on top of one another! This photograph is highly detailed and it is large. I have a 60″ wide frameless numbered print in my front hall over a loveseat and it just glows. I might never sell it!


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