This photograph was the women’s favourite at the exhibition in Marsac, France. The single bloom here, made of the petals of a bouquet of twelve pink tulips against a turqoise background, is an exuberant celebration of curve and colour. I built this unusual bloom sculpture by hanging individual tulip petals to a dried out seed head of a wild cucumber. If you look closely at the centre of the bloom, you can just see a tiny bit of it. Some of the petals are tucked into the seed head and some are resting on or intertwined with other petals. They were all so curly that they just seemed to gather easily into a new bloom. Well, I say easily, but the whole process did take a half a day and it might have fallen apart a few times before I got it right. I don’t remember now. All I know now is that this lovely ephemeral creation only exists in this print, and there are only twenty prints available and then it is gone. Such is the way with elusive beautiful things!


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