This photograph is the title image of the series. It is the essence of morning: slow, calm, soothing, and full of promise. There is a little colour in this image, but not much, and yes, this is exactly how it looked that morning as I sat out in the water in my little tin boat: not a breeze, not a fish jump, not a squeak from any living thing that I could hear. The low soft waves in the water had rolled gently in from far away. I tried to stay very still in the boat. If I moved, I rocked the boat and caused ripples in the water which would quickly encircle me in soft round waves that multiplied out to infinity. But I wanted the photograph to look as though I was not there, and so I hardly breathed, and I balanced, standing up high on the wooden seats with the camera to my eye, and I focussed on the water where the sun shone directly on it. With the warming sun getting higher in the sky there was enough light to keep the reflection razor sharp and the island in a soft hazy focus. The print of this image can be quite large, thirty or even forty inches wide without losing detail. Printed on watercolour paper, the images in this series look like very realistic watercolour paintings. The images are real, but at the same time they are hard to believe. I guess that is the essence of most of my creative work. Photograph what is real but hard to believe and share it.


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