Made from dried yellow tulip petals this sculpture reminds me of an expensive hairdo. Probably the kind that an older woman with a lot of money would have done in a very upscale salon; custom colour and custom sculpting. I imagine it requires a lot of hairspray, and she might even sleep sitting up so that it will last for more than one day. And it is gorgeous. And I imagine that she has a fabulous outfit on, with huge authentic pearls and an unusual but tasteful handbag. She probably gives money thoughtfully to many different local groups, and her almond cookies are unbelievably good. I imagine her favourite holiday is Thanksgiving because she adores her grandchildren and it is the only time of the year she allows herself to eat pie. But that right there is a giveaway. Pie. It should be eaten all year round. I mean, PIE! Isn’t it a breakfast food? Well it is in my house. But then again, my hair doesn’t look like that.


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